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Spin density and charge transferAsad27322017/03/04 04:48
by Asad
openmx-3.8.1 and the latest ELPAmarcindulak18922017/03/02 22:49
by T. Ozaki
Patch 3.8.2 to OpenMX Ver. 3.8T. Ozaki07592017/03/02 22:40
by T. Ozaki
OpenMX 3.8 compiling errorShinya Tsukamoto39542017/03/02 22:38
by T. Ozaki
Berry phase calculation failureJohn Sham110882017/03/02 22:34
by T. Ozaki
convergence-graphene sheetDeniz48832017/03/02 21:43
by T. Ozaki
DFT-D3 for grapheneS Dechamps110832017/03/02 14:51
by T. Ozaki
Open Coredch26582017/03/02 13:51
by T. Ozaki
non-collinear anglesRoman Borovic18782017/03/02 11:53
by T. Ozaki
For parallel compile "make -j"Atsushi M. Ito17722017/03/02 11:46
by T. Ozaki
Variable cell optimization with external pressureLe The Anh18192017/03/02 10:24
by T. Ozaki
MD.Opt.EveryDIISamer17722017/02/26 13:20
by Naoya Yamaguchi
Spin polarization versus bias voltage Fronquer06802017/02/22 19:50
by Fronquer
negf-vcrelaxhamed67532017/01/27 20:55
by Artem Pulkin
drPeter Brodnicki16442017/01/21 01:56
by Artem Pulkin
SCF not converged in Non-linear DFT calculationXiaoqing Liang06342017/01/19 07:25
by Xiaoqing Liang
convergenceamir06382017/01/18 04:48
by amir
found an overcomplete basis setJohn Sham07312017/01/10 12:06
by John Sham
Bulk TransmissionDavid28662017/01/07 10:49
by David
Convergence of NEGF in heterostructure S Dechamps69582017/01/05 20:16
by S Dechamps
What is the unit for Kohn-Sham potential in the output file *.vhart.cube and *.v0.cubechen16562017/01/03 18:01
by Artem Pulkin
charge,spin (current densities)Pavan choudary18752016/12/26 21:55
by Mitsuaki Kawamura
IV curve GrapheneMia 111622016/12/26 17:55
by T. Ozaki
crystallographic directionsJulio Aguiar17272016/12/26 17:32
by T. Ozaki
about MAELuca 17302016/12/26 17:26
by T. Ozaki
ErrorSaeid Amjadian06882016/11/20 12:37
by Saeid Amjadian
Non-equlibriumAdalicia17792016/11/18 18:30
by Artem Pulkin
Initial Charge DensitiesClarke913772016/11/15 15:29
by Clarke
Convergence of NEGF for defective GNRsS Dechamps612652016/11/10 20:07
by S Dechamps
how to match the DOS of NEGF with The transmission Pavan choudary37902016/11/09 17:28
by Pavan choudary
Patch 3.8.1 to OpenMX Ver. 3.8T. Ozaki07592016/10/21 15:50
by T. Ozaki
Manual setting of occupation numbersJan-Niclas810522016/10/20 17:22
by T. Ozaki
Implementation of EDM using the continued fraction representation of Fermi functionAri Ojanperä18292016/10/18 00:07
by T. Ozaki
Problem about Mulliken population analysisduan210002016/10/16 23:12
by T. Ozaki
Analysis of NEGF resultsRohit27792016/10/16 22:31
by TO
PAOs for anionsDaniil17962016/10/16 22:09
by T. Ozaki
DIIS geometry optimizationNikhil29562016/10/16 21:55
by T. Ozaki
Bychkov-Rashba effect is dependent on the relative position of the system in the cell Dubois S.29282016/10/16 21:45
by T. Ozaki
alignment of band structure with vaccum levelRenato Borges Pontes27632016/10/16 19:03
by T. Ozaki
magnetic anisotropy energy calculated seems wrong!Shekoufe Khosravi28982016/10/16 19:01
by T. Ozaki
error on make TranMain with Ubuntu 14.04 LTSDiego08602016/10/05 07:00
by Diego
error on make DosMain with Ubuntu 14.04 LTSDiego08402016/10/05 06:57
by Diego
How Generate TranMain and DosMain package on OpenMX on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS?Diego Castillo V.07732016/10/04 03:27
by Diego Castillo V.
NEGF Calculation HangingPeter27802016/10/03 20:21
by Peter
Installation Manual of OpenMX 3.7.6-1 on Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS)Diego Castillo019802016/09/29 03:25
by Diego Castillo
Installation Problem OpenMX 3.7Diego Castillo29822016/09/29 02:59
by Diego Castillo
Convergence Issue: Very High Value of UeleNikhil210652016/09/22 13:40
by Nikhil
installation error 3.8pavan choudary07022016/09/20 16:58
by pavan choudary
Installation 3.8Krishna29192016/09/10 19:06
by Krishna
Exchange coupling parameter program (jx)Joao Amaral616032016/09/06 16:58
by Hongkee Yoon

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