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Error with gcc v10 +
Date: 2021/07/29 22:49
Name: Samuel Dechamps   <>

Dear OpenMX developers,

there seem to be an error with OpenMX when it is installed with GCC/10 or higher.

I have the two following build :

MPI_RUN = /opt/sw/arch/easybuild/2019b/software/OpenMPI/3.1.4-GCC-8.3.0
SCALAPACK = /opt/sw/arch/easybuild/2019b/software/ScaLAPACK/2.0.2-gompi-2019b/
OPENBLAS = /opt/sw/arch/easybuild/2019b/software/OpenBLAS/0.3.7-GCC-8.3.0/
FFTW = /opt/sw/arch/easybuild/2019b/software/FFTW/3.3.8-gompi-2019b/


MPI_RUN = /opt/sw/arch/easybuild/2020b/software/OpenMPI/4.0.5-GCC-10.2.0/
SCALAPACK = /opt/sw/arch/easybuild/2020b/software/ScaLAPACK/2.1.0-gompi-2020b/
OPENBLAS = /opt/sw/arch/easybuild/2020b/software/OpenBLAS/0.3.12-GCC-10.2.0/
FFTW = /opt/sw/arch/easybuild/2020b/software/FFTW/3.3.8-gompi-2020b/


And only the second leads to an error when doing :

mpif90 -O3 -fopenmp -c elpa1.f90

Which was already raised here :

I hope notifying this bug can help you.

S. Dechamps
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Re: Error with gcc v10 + ( No.1 )
Date: 2021/07/30 00:27
Name: Pavel Ondracka  <>

I'm neither an OpenMX developer nor fortran expert (so I can't say if this should be fixed here or if gfortran is just too strict), however -fallow-argument-mismatch compiler option should make it work.
Re: Error with gcc v10 + ( No.2 )
Date: 2021/07/30 12:44
Name: T. Ozaki


gcc v10 reports an error if variables with the same name are allocated in different variable types
even in different subroutines. But this is not an error apparently.
So, please just add -fallow-argument-mismatch as FC option as suggested by Dr. Ondracka.

A similar report is also found at



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