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Trouble with carbon nanotubes calculationPaul212072005/10/18 22:34
by Sergey Lisenkov
PAO file name and adpack inputWatari, Noriko216652005/10/11 11:07
by Watari, Noriko
OpenMX Installation problem in HP Unix 11i V2 TCOEsunlian014832005/09/15 13:50
by sunlian
Job dies after last "Num. of grids overlapping"Rudy Coquet122262005/09/06 12:39
by T.Ozaki
Error in dstevxEyvaz Isaev219192005/09/02 08:57
by Sergey Lisenkov
OpenMX hangingRudy Coquet115552005/08/26 18:59
by Rudy Coquet
Can OpenMX do the dielectric-function calcu ? Liger Chen117012005/06/09 20:33
by Hiori Kino
crash on blade center systemChong, Sang Hyuk316882005/06/02 08:57
by Chong, Sang Hyuk
OpenMX Installation problem in EM64TChang Sung LEE217872005/06/01 01:23
by Sergey Lisenkov
OpenMX crashes with Orbital OptimizationMichele Gusso119522005/05/22 01:22
by T.Ozaki
about restart files. j. luo115882005/04/28 21:45
by T.Ozaki
Reminder: souce code of OpenMX2.73 is availableT.Ozaki014712005/04/20 18:27
by T.Ozaki
Num. of grids overlapping with atom * = 0s. j. luo320032005/04/20 01:33
by T.Ozaki
found minus eigenvalues of OLP at kloop=13 k1= 0 ks. j. luo116872005/04/19 23:09
by T.Ozaki
InstallationI. Bandyopadhyay218962005/04/19 14:26
by Hao Chang
about computional memory consumingBrighton Yan116952005/04/13 10:55
by T.Ozaki
about MPIHao Chang115602005/04/12 19:26
by T.Ozaki
about LDA band gap of bulk SiBrighton Yan239392005/04/10 12:21
by Brighton Yan
a bug fixed in ADPACK1.8T.Ozaki014902005/04/07 18:22
by T.Ozaki
about LDA+UHao Chang117202005/03/31 15:40
by T.Ozaki
how to use *.RST.tars. j. luo116292005/03/26 21:17
by T.Ozaki
OpenMX hangs on Band calc and DOSKen Lux526592005/03/26 12:42
by s. j. luo
Adpack1.8 with linux - crashesKen Lux220962005/02/15 17:26
by Ken Lux
Visualize Guassian cube fileszhufeng133212005/01/21 15:52
by T. Ozaki

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