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calculation Stopping at MD step=1 asaaravind118642007/11/09 13:54
by h. jeong
Electric transport with version 3.3Xiaobing Feng020042007/11/02 17:52
by Xiaobing Feng
Periodic boundary conditionsFlorian Rovere128702007/10/31 02:20
by Florian Rovere
the SCF steps is so much on each EF step....Liger Chen223782007/10/22 21:14
by asaaravind
One more question about the "Note on Recursion Methods"Yang Xu118462007/10/20 23:19
by T.Ozaki
Linking error with gcc on OSXDavid Benoit236092007/10/09 00:03
by David Benoit
Some questions about the "Note on Recursion Methods"Yang Xu227362007/10/07 15:42
by Yang Xu
OpenMX with icc10 / gcc4+gfortran4 / sunstudio12Pawel Lesniak028702007/10/03 07:18
by Pawel Lesniak
database, equilibrium constant and binding energyH. Kino022232007/09/26 16:00
by H. Kino
queation about DIIS ,H matrix.Liger Chen124852007/09/25 17:03
by T.Ozaki
Segmentation fault with scf.ProExpn.VNA=offMichele Gusso122192007/09/25 16:16
by T.Ozaki
How to re-start MD?Zhu Xi123582007/09/21 20:04
by Liger Chen
Problems about basis function MMQS14122007/09/01 18:41
by T.Ozaki
referencesAlejandro León120462007/09/01 18:37
by T.Ozaki
A problem with message ** On entry to DSTEVX parameter number 14 had an illegal valueMing-qiu Tan122492007/08/28 21:51
by jeong hogyun
I can't understand Primitive basis functionHansVanderVatt126612007/08/28 17:17
by T.Ozaki
Memory problemSei Ou019432007/08/22 17:10
by Sei Ou
Release of Technical Notes on OpenMX and ADPACKT.Ozaki019912007/08/20 19:36
by T.Ozaki
Release of OpenMX3.3T.Ozaki43432007/08/15 11:00
Problems with polB code in OpenMX3.2 versionGuang-Yu Guo128042007/07/30 23:39
by T.Ozaki
patch 3.2.4 has version tag "3.2.3"Rob327762007/07/27 18:14
by Vasilii Artyukhov
Effect of "Temp. Setting." on DOS Jooya128752007/07/26 00:36
by Vasilii Artyukhov
Library error for install openmx ..Liger Chen585562007/07/12 05:26
by Jonathan
geometry relaxationJessK329562007/07/06 06:10
by Vasilii Artyukhov
patch #3 and #4 of OpenMX Ver. 3.2T.Ozaki025372007/06/28 20:33
by T.Ozaki
What is the meaning of the angles of the sipn orientation in non-conllinear DFTYun Li136422007/06/28 20:22
by T.Ozaki
completness of basis setJessK123912007/06/28 20:03
by T.Ozaki
errors in the inputfilez.w. Zhu127802007/06/27 15:38
by Vasilii Artyukhov
carbono 13Alejandro019212007/06/23 11:15
by Alejandro
equilibrium lattice constant JessK030302007/06/16 10:40
by JessK
No rule to make targetSerdar028462007/06/12 18:44
by Serdar
linkling problem __pgi_trace and __pgi_traceeSerdar022992007/06/12 18:21
by Serdar
Compilation error pgiSerdar019562007/06/12 17:10
by Serdar
Why not a mailing list ?Hai-Ping Lan436182007/06/09 18:36
by Ondrej Certik
I can not get the equlibrium lattice constants using openmx3.2hugh552082007/06/08 09:03
by T.Ozaki
different energy using different initio spinZhu Xi222282007/05/30 17:11
by Yun Li
makefile: clean tag bugRob122442007/05/28 17:34
by T.Ozaki
Re: A patch of OpenMX Ver. 3.2Rob124222007/05/28 17:29
by T.Ozaki
efficient parallelization JessK123372007/05/25 09:52
by T.Ozaki
BAnd Dispersion of (3,0) carbon nanotubeJooya125622007/05/25 09:46
by T.Ozaki
k-point meshPeter347802007/05/18 00:25
by Vasilii Artyukhov
problems with MD in OpenMX3.2Denis Music629762007/05/14 18:49
by Denis Music
Installation errorKyung Ah Park240512007/05/10 16:16
by Yun Li
scf.restart optionPeter425812007/04/23 15:11
by T.Ozaki
a problem with CO.dat testJessK19272007/04/22 17:45
by T.Ozaki
A tip for geometry optimizationT.Ozaki025792007/04/13 11:33
by T.Ozaki
A patch of OpenMX Ver. 3.2 T.Ozaki017062007/04/13 11:16
by T.Ozaki
LDA+U methodAllessandro Pennotti129172007/04/05 09:01
by T.Ozaki
how to choose optimal basis setPeter225702007/04/04 10:03
by Peter
Release of OpenMX3.2 and ADPACK2.0T.Ozaki018732007/04/02 06:49
by T.Ozaki

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