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A tip for geometry optimizationT.Ozaki022342007/04/13 11:33
by T.Ozaki
A patch of OpenMX Ver. 3.2 T.Ozaki013992007/04/13 11:16
by T.Ozaki
LDA+U methodAllessandro Pennotti125182007/04/05 09:01
by T.Ozaki
how to choose optimal basis setPeter221922007/04/04 10:03
by Peter
Release of OpenMX3.2 and ADPACK2.0T.Ozaki015612007/04/02 06:49
by T.Ozaki
OpenMX 3.1 on IBM P595Jyh-Shyong Ho1434652007/03/26 23:04
by Jyh-Shyong Ho
More OpenMX on IBM: FFTW3Vasilii Artyukhov017602007/03/23 18:20
by Vasilii Artyukhov
Research ScientistJyh-Shyong Ho015962007/03/15 13:50
by Jyh-Shyong Ho
BaTiO3 optical conductivitytigercuong020912007/03/12 20:14
by tigercuong
Could you show me how to use DFTcalculation for QDMr.CuongNT119062007/02/21 14:04
by Xinyuan Zhang
Selenium basis set shyam122012007/02/20 19:48
by Vasilii.Artyukhov
undefined "Valence_Electrons"Huiqun Zhou018222007/02/11 13:49
by Huiqun Zhou
Problem about compilation errorjacket Su223412007/02/08 02:10
by jacket Su
tips for PP generationDenis Music321582007/02/08 00:20
by Denis Music
I couldn't have installed OpenMX3.1!!! Help meCongkhtn015242007/02/05 14:14
by Congkhtn
B-BOP againVasilii Artyukhov019842007/01/31 00:53
by Vasilii Artyukhov
Runtest problemZsolt236332007/01/22 18:22
by Zsolt
adapack1.8 - Generate_VNL.c routineMichele Gusso016742007/01/17 19:19
by Michele Gusso
Adpack and partial core correctionGuillaume Lucas114512007/01/16 00:02
by Guillaume Lucas
large systemsJessK318182007/01/13 01:27
by jessK
Happy New Year to All OpenMX Users!Dung Tien018762006/12/31 12:15
by Dung Tien
Dimer binding energyAlexandre Tkatchenko842302006/12/28 00:22
by T.Ozaki
small suggestionhungdt114422006/12/18 19:32
by T.Ozaki
Ceperly Alder Exchange-CorrelationMichele Gusso118222006/12/07 11:51
by T.Ozaki
coud you show me how to setup OnpenMX in Win Oper?Mr.Cong718842006/12/06 05:15
by alex
PublicationsVasilii Artyukhov315702006/12/05 23:56
by Vasilii Artyukhov
How to construct peudopotential of fictitious atomXinyuan Zhang316142006/12/01 23:49
by Vasilii Artyukhov
opteron compilation errorAloysius118992006/12/01 18:23
by T.Ozaki
About Transport calculationHai-Ping Lan320462006/12/01 10:53
by T.Ozaki
Charged System calculationHai-Ping Lan113912006/11/29 14:31
by T.Ozaki
a suggestionalex113002006/11/29 14:17
by T.Ozaki
Trouble reading standard inputVasilii Artyukhov113712006/11/29 14:00
by T.Ozaki
Constraint_Opt/DIIS in OPENMX 3.1Thomas Gallauner113532006/11/29 13:20
by T.Ozaki
Can you show me to detail use of OpenMX program?Mr.Cong115292006/11/22 02:03
by Pavel
about charged moleculeXinyuan Zhang220702006/11/22 01:13
by Xinyuan Zhang
q: charges? basis sets/potentials validation?Grigory214892006/11/18 22:59
by Grigory
Bug fixed in OpenMX3.1, No.2T.Ozaki012422006/11/17 00:44
by T.Ozaki
Initial spin charges question?Dung Tien216812006/11/15 22:38
by Dung Tien
Bug fixed in OpenMX3.1, No.1T.Ozaki012572006/11/13 15:45
by T.Ozaki
install problem for 3.1 versonLiger Chen112442006/11/10 18:26
by Liger Chen
Does B-Bop do DOS?Vasilii Artyukhov211672006/11/09 22:04
by Vasilii Artyukhov
the molecular orbitalXinyuan Zhang116272006/11/09 11:15
by T.Ozaki
DOS of hcp Gd metalDr. Xubo Liu018922006/11/06 03:34
by Dr. Xubo Liu
Magnetic moment in cubic SrRuO3JessK337772006/11/05 00:05
by T.Ozaki
Memory UsageKevin215122006/11/04 06:41
by JessK
non convergence calculation problem!sabri117742006/11/04 02:12
by T.Ozaki
OpenMX Ver.3.1 availableT.Ozaki010802006/11/04 01:48
by T.Ozaki
Velocities in MDPavel110972006/11/04 01:28
by T.Ozaki
DosMain question.Liger Chen112802006/11/04 01:26
by T.Ozaki
error while testing Methane.datKevin214402006/11/03 20:40
by Kevin

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