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openmx3.9 mpi error
Date: 2021/11/07 13:31
Name: davidshisui   <>

I encountered a problem while running mpirun -np 4 ./kSpin Au111Surface_MO.dat

shows: invalid root during MPI_Bcast.

It seems that the program try to use process 5 to broadcast to other processes. But there are only 4 processes.
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Re: openmx3.9 mpi error ( No.1 )
Date: 2021/11/07 14:37
Name: Naoya Yamaguchi


Your error seems to be the same as reported in No.7 in .
This is caused by a bug, and this issue can be resolved by applying a patch.
From , please download a patch to apply to the source codes.

Naoya Yamaguchi

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