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OpenMx-3.9 : segmentation fault at runtime with gcc-9
Date: 2021/08/16 17:09
Name: Deepali Rai   <DEEPALI.RAI@AMD.COM>

Hi All,

I see a runtime crash for runtestL3 input set with gcc-9.3, below is the stack trace attached.

This I get on runnning -
> mpirun -np 16 ./openmx -runtestL3

==== backtrace (tid: 21928) ====
0 0x0000000000056e59 ucs_debug_print_backtrace() ???:0
1 0x0000000000012b20 .annobin_sigaction.c() sigaction.c:0
2 0x000000000061eee0 Embedding_Matrix() Krylov.c:0
3 0x0000000000639ca0 Krylov_Col._omp_fn.4() Krylov.c:0
4 0x00000000000116d6 GOMP_parallel() ???:0
5 0x0000000000627acd Krylov_Col() Krylov.c:0
6 0x000000000045ec5b DFT() ???:0
7 0x00000000006c30df run_main() Runtest.c:0
8 0x00000000006c37f2 Runtest() ???:0
9 0x000000000040502d main() ???:0
10 0x00000000000237b3 __libc_start_main() ???:0
11 0x0000000000405d8e _start() ???:0
[XXX006:21928] *** Process received signal ***
[XXXXX006:21928] Signal: Segmentation fault (11)
[XXXXX006:21928] Signal code: (-6)
[XXXXX006:21928] Failing at address: 0x44f000055a8

Do anyone know here what is the issue ?

PS: option used for compilation with gcc-9.3

AOCLROOT =/home/aocl/gcc/3.0-6 (GCC compiled AOCL library)
CC = mpicc -Dkcomp -O3 -march=znver2 -fopenmp -I/$(AOCLROOT)/include
FC = mpif90 -Wno-argument-mismatch -O3 -march=znver2 -fopenmp -I/$(AOCLROOT)/include
LIB = -L/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/9 -lgfortran -lpthread -L/$(AOCLROOT)/lib -lfftw3 -L/$(AOCLROOT)/lib -lscalapack -lflame -lblis -L/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/9 -lmpi -lmpi_mpifh -lmpi_usempif08 -lmpi_usempi_ignore_tkr -lm

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Re: OpenMx-3.9 : segmentation fault at runtime with gcc-9 ( No.1 )
Date: 2021/08/17 02:30
Name: Naoya Yamaguchi


Can you try removing `-Dkcomp` from `CC`?
This issue may come from wrong data alignment in codes using SSE.

Naoya Yamaguchi
Re: OpenMx-3.9 : segmentation fault at runtime with gcc-9 ( No.2 )
Date: 2021/08/17 07:59
Name: T. Ozaki


Did you successfully finish runtest, runtestL, and runtestL2?
I wonder that memory shortage may happen for the case using 16 MPI processes,
since runtestL3 will require considerable memory.


Re: OpenMx-3.9 : segmentation fault at runtime with gcc-9 ( No.3 )
Date: 2021/08/18 20:20
Name: Deepali Rai

Thanks for the quick response!

Adding -Dnosse -Dnoomp to Krylov.c compilation resolves the crash with gcc.


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