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mpirun hangs indefinetly on multiple nodes
Date: 2021/10/29 12:53
Name: P   <>


I wonder if anyone else has run into a similar issue:
Recently I compiled OpenMX using intel mkl and mpi on a supercomputing cluster. I have run into the weirdest issue, although compilation is successful: If I do a one node job and do "mpirun -n 24 openmx..." everything works fine. However when I do a two node job and do "mpirun -n 48 openmx..." it hangs for ever. Does not even get to the original output, just hangs at start up indefinitely. I do not even see mpi threads generated (I check in htop). I have tried compiling with difrent year intel versions, and always have the same issue.

Has anyone else run into this issue?

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