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about MAE
Date: 2016/12/22 18:30
Name: Luca

Dear DeveloperDear Developers

I am calculating the magnetic anisotropy (MAE) of a metal-organic crystalline system. Once obtained well converged spin orientations do I have to calculate the differences between Uele or do I have to use Utot?

When I consider Uele I find a (reasonable) MAE of 10 meV, however when considering the Utot the MAE is zero.

Thank you in advance for your comments.
All the best

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Re: about MAE ( No.1 )
Date: 2016/12/26 17:26
Name: T. Ozaki


Strictly speaking, Utot should be used rather than Uele.
since Utot is the total energy, while Uele is the sum of
eigenenergies for occupied states. Our benchmark calculations
for several systems such as L10-FePt provided a reasonable MAE
by employing Utot.



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