Intensive Lectures on Advanced Computational Materials Science at Nanjing University

The intensive lectures on advanced computational materials science, arranged by Dr. Jian Zhou of Nanjing University, were given by Prof. Ozaki of JAIST in 20th-23th Aug. 2012 at Nanjing University, China. The contents of the lectures are summarized below:
  1. Introduction to computational materials science
  2. Reviewal of electronic structures of matters
  3. Foundation of DFT
  4. First principles electronic structure calculation
  5. DFT calculations for molecules and bulks
  6. First-principle molecular dynamics
  7. Large-scale electronic structure methods
  8. Electronic transport calculations
  9. Relativistic effect and non-collinear DFT

About thirty students at Nanjing University and several faculty members attended the lectures, and exchanged ideas towards further development of first-principle computational materials science. Related web