Postdoc opening

Postdoctoral position for development of first-principles electronic structure methods (Nov. 15th, 2016)

We would like to announce that a postdoctoral research position is available for development of the OpenMX software package (http://www.openmx-square.org/), expected to start from April 1st, 2017. The aim of the research position is to develop accurate and efficient first-principles methods, based on density functional theories and many body perturbation theories, of calculating response properties of materials to external perturbations such as electric and magnetic fields, interaction with photons, and strain field. The position will be involved in a national project of Japan for development of computational materials science. The candidate should have considerable expertise and experience in method and code development (preferably C-language), and is expected to have interests on researches of materials science. The researcher shall stay in the Institute for Solid State Physics (ISSP) in Kashiwa, Japan.

More details can be found at English | Japanese