Output of large-sized files in binary mode

Large-scale calculations produce large-sized files in text mode such as cube files. The IO access to output such files can be very time consuming in machines of which IO access is not fast. In such a case, it is better to output those large-sized files in binary mode. The procedure is supported by the following keyword:

  OutData.bin.flag    on    # default=off, on|off
Then, all large-sized files will be output in binary mode. The default is 'off'.

The output binary files are converted using a small code 'bin2txt.c' stored in the directory 'source' which can be compiled as

  gcc bin2txt.c -lm -o bin2txt
As a post processing, you will be able to convert as
  ./bin2txt *.bin
The functionality will be useful for machines of which IO access is not fast.