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Problem about 'case.vden' file
Date: 2008/05/31 11:19
Name: Yonghong Zhao   <>

I have generated pseudopotential of Fe atom. I want to plot the density file 'case.vden'.
However, I can't understand the meaning of each column in 'case.vden'. Following is the head and the first data line of my 'Fe.vden'. Anyone can help me? Thank you very much!

# density of electrons
# MXV MRV rho_V rho rho_Core rho_PCC (*)* 4 pi r^2
-7.50000000000000 0.00055308437015 0.00209748352064 12797.19272022578843 12787.22627944921442 0.00167966967633 0.00000000806290 0.04919345730614 0.04915514549123 0.00000000645679
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Re: Problem about 'case.vden' file ( No.1 )
Date: 2008/05/31 13:04
Name: Yonghong Zhao  <>

Sorry for trouble all. I have got the answer. The first column is 'log(r)', not 'r'. It's my careless.

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