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Problem Openmx3.3
Date: 2008/04/04 22:19
Name: Alejandro   <>

Dear Dr. Ozaki,

I am an investigator of possible applications in quantum information of nanosystems. I have studied the electronic properties of such systems using software openmx [1], and now I want to load on my computer the latest version, but the files are corrupted. Could you tell me how can I load the latest version. A few days ago I put a notice on the forum, but someone deleted (I imagine that by mistake).

Best regards,

Alejandro Leon.

[1] A. Le&oacute;n, Z. Barticevic and M. Pacheco, "Impurities of Nitrogen in quantum dots graphene ribbons", MICROELECTRONICS JOURNAL, in press.
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Re: Problem Openmx3.3 ( No.1 )
Date: 2008/05/16 18:19
Name: T.Ozaki


By just clicking the latest version, the download will be completed.
In your case, something may be wrong on yourside.

Best regards,


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