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install problem for 3.1 verson
Date: 2006/11/10 17:34
Name: Liger Chen   <>

Dear Sir :

I just download the 3.1 version and tried to intall it , but there are 2 makefile ( .dat
and .essl) .

So I chosen the .dat one to be the makefile .

but there is a wrong message :

make: *** No rule to make target `Cluster_Krylov.cCluster_Krylov.', needed by `Cluster_Krylov.o'. Stop.

it seems that the Cluster_Krylov.c file does not exist .....

what should I do ...

thank you
Liger Chen
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Re: install problem for 3.1 verson ( No.1 )
Date: 2006/11/10 18:26
Name: Liger Chen  <>

Oh , it is my wrong , there is a 'makefile' , it is no problem for compiled

thank you

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