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Any plans on OpenMX 4.0?
Date: 2022/09/15 09:38
Name: Weixiao Ji

Dear developers,

I am a user of OpenMX. Thank you very much for your perfect package which really helps us a lot! We love it. Since the version has reached 3.9.9, we are eagerly looking forward to the news on OpenMX 4.0. Do you have any plan on the next version of OpenMX to share? For us, we suggest to add the simulations on multiple(three, four or even more)-electrode devices in the next major version, which will be definitely useful for people studying spintronics devices, for example, Hall bars.

Again, many thanks for your contributions on the material simulations.

Weixiao Ji.
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Re: Any plans on OpenMX 4.0? ( No.1 )
Date: 2022/09/15 19:31
Name: T. Ozaki


Though we are not urgent for the release of the next version, we may consider the release of Ver. 4.0 in a proper time schedule.
Also, we are sorry to say that we haven't spent time towards the development of simulations with mutiple electrodes at this moment.


Re: Any plans on OpenMX 4.0? ( No.2 )
Date: 2022/09/21 09:59
Name: Weixiao Ji  <>

Dear Prof. Ozaki,

Thank you for your reply. Expect the release of the new version and hope OpenMX grows better!

Best wishes,
Weixiao Ji.

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