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Able to make VPS with adpack (no segmentation fault)
Date: 2021/09/23 22:53
Name: Malone

I have bumped across this problem:
(tl;dr: adpack crashes at the `MBK()' function call with SIGSEGV, segmentation fault, after the "**** Energies of atom ****" calculation)

If this ever happens with anyone, the solution is to set greater allowed program stack depth, for example infinite:

$ ulimit -s unlimited

then you may call adpack and it won't fail to this specific problem.

The essence of the problem lies in the fact that the `MBK()' function eats too much stack for its initial set-up and may fail under some standard settings. I had encountered this behaviour with fresh Ubuntu.

Please note: (from `man ulimit')
Since ulimit affects the current shell execution environment, it is always provided as a shell regular built-in. If it is called in a separate utility execution environment, such as one of the following:
nohup ulimit -f 10000
env ulimit 10000
it does not affect the file size limit of the caller's environment.

This means that ulimit should be called whenever a new shell was spawned to run adpack.
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