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no error no run!
Date: 2014/12/10 23:03
Name: masoud

To all,

i am new user to openmx.

i use following makefile with similar errors in the forum and i solve it in similar ways.

CC = /software/mpich2/bin/mpicc -Dnosse -fopenmp -O3 -I/usr/local/include
FC = /software/mpich2/bin/mpif90 -Dnoomp -fopenmp -O3 -I/usr/local/include
LIB =-L/export/home/sjalili/masoud/install/fftw-3.3.4/.libs -lfftw3 -L/export/home/sjalili/masoud/install/lapack-3.5.0 -llapack -lrefblas -L/software/mpich2/lib -lmpich -lmpl -lmpichf90 -lmpichcxx -L/software/intel/parallel_studio_xe_2013/composer_xe_2013_sp1.3.174/compiler/lib/intel64 -lifcore -limf

it compiles without any error. It even run on the node that i want. But, nothing is display after it. only met.std creates. No other folder or 11 files as it said in the test calculation. No error or anything.

any one has any idea why such bizzare thing happen. Did i link any wrong libraries?

thank in advanced

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Re: no error no run! ( No.1 )
Date: 2014/12/11 01:24
Name: Artem Pulkin  <>

It looks like you use a job submission system and you do not specify the job folder properly. Or, openmx did not even run due to errors in your job script file. In either case this has nothing to do with OpenMX. Try to run OpenMX on your supercomputer frontend node and see if it works.

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