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patches for gcc-4.8.3/4.9.1
Date: 2014/10/22 19:18
Name: marcindulak


i'm building openmx on Fedora 20 and Rawhide and noticed several problems:

- please remove source/elpa1.mod (fortran modules are not portable and should not be in the tarball)

- the fortran routines calling elpa have the problem described here:
The solution is to:
sed -i "s|use ELPA1|use ELPA1, ignore_me => get_elpa_row_col_comms|" source/get_elpa_row_col_comms.f90
sed -i "s|use ELPA1|use ELPA1, ignore_me => solve_evp_complex|" source/solve_evp_complex.f90
sed -i "s|use ELPA1|use ELPA1, ignore_me => solve_evp_real|" source/solve_evp_real.f90

- please note that Fedora does not allow bundling of elpa, and one must link to the library provided by Fedora. This can be currently achieved by:
rm -f source/elpa1.f90
sed -i "s| elpa1.o | |" source/makefile
Just keep in mind that linking to epla should be flexible enough to allow for that.

- please include the license file in the source

- is would be useful for tools (DosMain jx analysis_example check_lead esp OpticalConductivityMain OpticalConductivityMain test_mpi TranMain TranMain_NC MAIN_TRAN_Display_Gridvalue) to have a combined entry in the makefile so one could say something like: make tools

Best regards
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Re: patches for gcc-4.8.3/4.9.1 ( No.1 )
Date: 2014/10/27 22:30
Name: T. Ozaki


Thank you very much for your suggestion.
We will certainly consider it for the next release.



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