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transport, # channels
Date: 2010/10/30 21:01
Name: Gabriel Greene   <>

Dear OpenMX developers,

I have been using the transport features of openmx fairly successfully on carbon nanotubes and Fe nanostructures, contacted and isolated. However, I cannot seem to find information regarding the number of channels connecting the left and right leads. In a periodic system with no scattering this is obviously OK since the transmission wrt energy will just be the # of channels. But when scattering and/or dissimilar leads are introduced, the exact number of channels at each energy point can be a bit ambiguous.

Is this information available in *.tranb by any chance? and if so is there a feature which can convert this to human-readable format? (like *.scfout can be converted via analysis_example)

If not in *.tranb, Is there any output file which explicitly states the number of channels? Or will I have to estimate it from the band structure?

Thank you very much for your help,
Kind regards,
Gabriel Greene
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