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TranMain not compiling
Date: 2010/03/26 02:30
Name: Gabriel Greene   <>

I have been attempting to the transport facilities of openmx but have not succeeded in compiling the TranMain executable.
The following appears when I use the make TranMain command in the /source directory:-

sfi400 (81) make TranMain
/opt/mpich2/bin/mpicc -mp -O3 -I/usr/local/include -c TranMain.c
Assembler messages:
FATAL: can't create TranMain.o: Permission denied
Please report this problem to <>.
Problem report saved as /sfihome/ggreene/.ekopath-bugs/pathcc_error_PeMM6C.i
Please review the above file and, if possible, attach it to your problem report.
make: *** [TranMain.o] Error 1
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Re: TranMain not compiling ( No.1 )
Date: 2010/04/04 19:43
Name: azamat  <>

Please check mail

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