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  Points of Concern

  • This is a forum for discussion of technical issues on OpenMX in a multi thread style.

  • A thread may open for each topic separately.

  • When you make a new thread, please click 'New Thread', and post your new topic in the submition form.

  • The original submitter of each thread is able to lock the corresponding thread and stop the discussion. By clicking the key icon of the parent article, you will find a form to do this. Then, you will be requested to remember your password, given by yourself in the original submition

  • The maximum number of posted articles per thread is 100. If articles more than 100 are submitted, these will be transfered to 'Past Log'.

  • A reply for the posted article is made from the form for reply which can be found in the bottom of each thread.

  • You can refer to other comments in the same thread from your comment by writing as follows:

    >>5 -> Comment No.5
    >>5- -> Or later comments No.5
    >>5-8 -> From comments No.5 to 8

  • The common language in this forum is English.

  • Articles which can be regarded as submition with inappropriate contents in 'OpenMX Forum' are deleted without any announcement.

  • If you wish to subscribe to the mailing list for the OpenMX Forum, please register your e-mail address and password at here. By the subscription, you will receive articles posted on the OpenMX Forum by e-mail.