Closest Wannier Functions up

Welcome to the Closest Wannier Function (CWF) Website

The website offers Wannier interpolated bands for a wide variety of systems, as listed below. These bands are calculated using the Closest Wannier Function (CWF) method, which is implemented in OpenMX. We also provide the corresponding input files used for these OpenMX calculations. You can reproduce these results using OpenMX Ver. 4.0 or newer versions.

Si Diamond GaAs NaCl FCC Cu FCC Al
BCC Li BCC Fe NiO Diamond (100) surface 2H-MoS2 Rb3C60
TTF-TCNQ Bi2Se3 L10-FePt BiTeI Graphene Borophene
Poly(ethylene oxide) Benzene molecule V4(C6H6)5 Zigzag GNR Bulk H2O Rutile TiO2
YH2 HfW2 NdCo5 B(OH)3 MgB2 NaBF4