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question about installation----CC&LIB
Date: 2009/03/01 18:28
Name: rocdawn   <>

I'm trying to install openmx, but not knowing how to set CC and LIB.
What do these to key mean and what value should I set?
What's the method to get the information about computer enviroment?
Thank you in advance....
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Re: question about installation----CC&LIB ( No.1 )
Date: 2009/03/04 14:17
Name: H Jeong

Despite to the WINDOWS from Microsoft (Just Click, for example, DMol)
Installation of DFT software in LINUX is not easy to novices.

I suggest to request helps from other people in your office.

"What CC and LIB means?"

After that, consult with the thread "Tips for installation of OpenMX" above.

ps. In large community , eg. PWSCF(Quantum-Espresso) , just typing "./configure and make all" works in many standard Unix and Linux enviroments. But this type of easiness need many developers' contiribution and time.

Re: question about installation----CC&LIB ( No.2 )
Date: 2009/03/19 14:31
Name: rocdawn  <>

I've now finished the installation. Thank you.

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