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openmx(242) malloc: ***vm_allocate(size=8421376) failed (error code=3)
Date: 2009/02/19 04:04
Name: YuYe Tong   <>

Tried to run openmx -runtestL on Mac Pro Quadro. But the program quit at "num. of grids overlapping with atom 155 = 38185", giving error message a follows:
openmx(242) malloc: ***vm_allocate(size=8421376) failed (error code=3)
openmx(242) malloc: ***error: can't allocate region
openmx(242) malloc: ***set a breakpoint in szone_error to debug
Process received signaal ***
Signal: Bus error (1)
siginfo is NULL, additional information unavailbake

Any suggestions/information on how to solve this problem are very much appreciated.
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Re: openmx(242) malloc: ***vm_allocate(size=8421376) failed (error code=3) ( No.1 )
Date: 2009/03/04 14:35
Name: H Jeong

Error message itself say "failure of dynamic allocation of memory by virtual memory manager."

Maybe due to a shortage of memory provided by Mac OS or another reasons (complier problem as above)

(Im' not sure because I can not reproduce this case due to a lack of Mac machine.)

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