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identifier "Rcv_FNAN2_GRc" is undefined
Date: 2008/11/22 05:58
Name: Daniel Schwen

Compiling a freshly downloaded OpenMX 3.4.1 (with patch) throws the following error:

Set_Aden_Grid.c(540): error: identifier "Rcv_FNAN2_GRc" is undefined

Compiler ICC wit Mpich2 (although I believe the error is compiler independent)
Anyone else having this problem? Compilation of OpenMX 3.3 worked just fine...
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Re: identifier "Rcv_FNAN2_GRc" is undefined ( No.1 )
Date: 2008/12/03 16:43
Name: T.Ozaki

Dear all,

The patch (Ver.3.4.3) of OpenMX Ver. 3.4 was released.

Even though the patch3.4.2 is applied to OpenMX ver.3.4, it is found that
in some case the empty atom is not treated properly. Also, OpenMX ver.3.4
may encounter segmentation faults in the calculation of a single isolated atom.
The bugs were fixed and a new patch of Ver.3.4 was released at

The patch contains three files: SetPara_DFT.c, Set_Aden_Grid.c, and Set_OLP_Kin.c.

Thank you for your cooperation in advance.


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