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Compiling failure when linking mathlib
Date: 2006/03/24 15:40
Name: Hai-Ping Lan   <>

Dear Professor:

I am sorry to trouble you again for my naive problem.
I just followed your instruction to install CLAPACK-lib and fftw3,
and No error was found.

Then i modified makefile ,and specified paths of LIB and INCLUDE.
At last, i run "make install" command, no erro was fonund when compiling ,but it failed
when linking mathlib. the failure information is given below, would you please do me a favor? Best wishes!
By the way, i found most erroes are related Green function!!

TRAN_Calc_CentGreenLesser.o(.text+0x1cb): In function `TRAN_Calc_CentGreenLesser':
/home/haiping/openmx3.0/source/TRAN_Calc_CentGreenLesser.c:104: undefined reference to `zgemm_'
TRAN_Calc_CentGreenLesser.o(.text+0x231):/home/haiping/openmx3.0/source/TRAN_Calc_CentGreenLesser.c:118: undefined reference
to `zgemm_'
TRAN_Calc_GC_LorR.o(.text+0x1da): In function `TRAN_Calc_GC_LorR':
/home/haiping/openmx3.0/source/TRAN_Calc_GC_LorR.c:137: undefined reference to `zgemm_'
TRAN_Calc_GC_LorR.o(.text+0x24c):/home/haiping/openmx3.0/source/TRAN_Calc_GC_LorR.c:149: undefined reference to `zgemm_'
TRAN_Calc_SelfEnergy.o(.text+0x1fa): In function `TRAN_Calc_SelfEnergy':
/home/haiping/openmx3.0/source/TRAN_Calc_SelfEnergy.c:111: undefined reference to `zgemm_'
TRAN_Calc_SelfEnergy.o(.text+0x223):/home/haiping/openmx3.0/source/TRAN_Calc_SelfEnergy.c:119: more undefined references to `
zgemm_' follow
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [openmx] Error 1
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Re: openmx runtime questions ( No.1 )
Date: 2006/03/24 20:05
Name: T.Ozaki

Did you include -Dbraswrap and -lI77 for CC and LIB, respectively ?


Re: Compiling failure when linking mathlib ( No.2 )
Date: 2006/03/24 23:49
Name: Hai-Ping Lan  <>

i passed compiling!


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