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Can OpenMX do the dielectric-function calcu ?
Date: 2005/06/08 04:56
Name: Liger Chen   <>

Hi ,
As title , the manual writen that OpenMx could do the optical conductivity calculation.
but it seems that there is no dielectric function calculation for OpenMx ..
is it right ?

or ... that needs so sub-program for this ?
Liger Chen NTU . Taiwan
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Re: Can OpenMX do the dielectric-function calcu ? ( No.1 )
Date: 2005/06/10 20:06
Name: Hiori Kino  <>

You can calculate optical conductivity. The formula is current-current correlation function.

Now, no program is provided to calculate dielectric function itself.

You can write it.
c.f. PRB 66, 085111, (2002).

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