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memory consumption of jx processor
Date: 2020/11/20 00:08
Name: Ruiwen Xie   <>


Do you know how much memory will be used during the running of jx? I used Fe_bulk_jx.dat and Fe_bulk_jx.config to run a test. However,
the task ran into segmentation fault even if I have set the memory to around 7000Mb. I also tried to reduce the Jij pairs to four, it can work properly and give right results. Still, if the Jij pairs are 267 as in the config file, it seems a large memory is needed to finish the computation. Can you please give me some hints on this part? Thanks a lot!

Best Regards,
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Re: memory consumption of jx processor ( No.1 )
Date: 2020/11/20 04:30
Name: Ruiwen Xie  <>

I got it. It seems the value of Bunch.ij.pairs is the key.

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