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The output file is not updated
Date: 2018/11/26 10:38
Name: xuemei

Dear OpenMX developers and userF
I found that the program was still running for a long time when I ran Openmx, but the output file was not updated (no new data was written).
I would like to ask how to solve this.
The output file stays in this state all the time.
******************* MD=70 SCF=28 *******************
<Poisson> Poisson's equation using FFT...
<Set_Hamiltonian> Hamiltonian matrix for VNA+dVH+Vxc...
<Band> Solving the eigenvalue problem...
KGrids1: 0.00000
KGrids2: -0.43750 -0.31250 -0.18750 -0.06250 0.06250 0.18750 0.31250 0.43750
KGrids3: 0.00000
"out" 154162L, 6680241C
Thank you very much!
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