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Memory control in OpenMX
Date: 2016/06/30 01:13
Name: Artem Pulkin

OpenMX allocates large arrays without any check of "malloc" output. Is it possible have any feedback on array size created when running a large (for example 10nm x 10nm x 0.5 nm)? I want to be able to know how much more memory does OpenMX need to calculate it.
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Re: Memory control in OpenMX ( No.1 )
Date: 2016/07/04 09:58
Name: T. Ozaki


Af for checking memory usage, there are two functionalities explained at

Also I recommend to use other profilers such as VTune, Valgrind, or ones provided
by vendors, which tells us more details on how OpenMX does memory allocation for
each of array.



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