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Exchange field
Date: 2016/06/13 16:25
Name: Riemann   <>

Dear OpenMX users and Developers,

I've simulated the electronic Band structure of Graphene in the presence of exchange field induced by ferromagnetic insulator as a substrate in the framework of Tight-Bindin approximation.

I want to do the same thing with OpenMX. Now, my question is this, Is it possible to introduce exchange field (Not Magnetic field) along arbitrary direction in OpenMX?
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Re: Exchange field ( No.1 )
Date: 2016/06/23 14:04
Name: T. Ozaki


I guess that the interaction may be written by Hex(r) dot s(r), where Hex(r) is the exchange field
and, s(r) is a vector representation (sx,sy,sz) of spin. If so, one may include the energy
term to the total energy expression, and derive a variational equation, while the implementation
will require significant involvement in the inside of code.



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