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Output files on HPC facilities
Date: 2015/02/23 23:43
Name: Mauro Sgroi   <>

Dear all,
I need some advice about the I/O procedures used by Openmx.
In case of installation on a HPC machine composed by many nodes, should the input and output files replicated on each node o should them be copied on a network file system accessible from all nodes?
In our facilities we have a relatively slow network connection, so I would be better for us to replicate the files on each node but I'm sure it will work.

Thanks a lot and best regards,
Mauro Sgroi.
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Re: Output files on HPC facilities ( No.1 )
Date: 2015/02/26 09:40
Name: T. Ozaki


The running of OpenMX is guaranteed on a global file system (GFS),
since the some of files are communicated among MPI processes through GFS
in every molecular dynamics or geometry optimization step.



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