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Piloting over-all transmission of the system
Date: 2014/05/22 18:24
Name: Umar   <>

Dear all,

i got the K resolved transmission of the tow dimensional system (thin film) on 15 x 1
points i got 15 files.


NEGF.tran.energydiv 2000 # default=200
NEGF.tran.energyrange -5.0 5.0 0.00001 # default=-10.0 10.0 5.0e-3 (eV)
NEGF.tran.Kgrid 15 1 # default= 1 1

my question is that if I have to plot over-all transmission of my system, how can i use these file.

should I use " 0_0 " file or add transmission column from all the files like 1_0, 2_0 ....14_0 or take average of transmission data from all these files.?

If someone can help me
I will be very thankful.

umar farooq

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Re: Piloting over-all transmission of the system ( No.1 )
Date: 2014/05/23 21:17
Name: Artem  <>

It depends on how are you going to interpret your transmission results. If you want to tell the reader that, for example, particular molecular junction is the most transparent one then you may use average over k-points.

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