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Visualization of OpenMX data
Date: 2014/03/05 16:18
Name: Denis Music   <>

Dear OpenMX users,
It’s my please to inform you that a new freeware is available at
which allows for processing and visualization of OpenMX data. It runs under Java and directly uses the input from the OpenMX code. It allows for the analysis of bond lengths and angles, total energy, diffusion and Voronoi polyhedra both statically as well as dynamically.
For all correspondence please contact Tomas Pazur (
Have fun,
Denis Music
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Re: Visualization of OpenMX data ( No.1 )
Date: 2014/03/17 16:48
Name: T. Ozaki


Thank you very much for notification about such development.
I hope that the tool will be useful for other users.



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