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Current in *.current file from NEGF
Date: 2014/02/07 05:31
Name: J   <>


I have a question about the exact meaning of current in *.current file.
In the manual, it is the k resolved average current in Ampere.

In principle, current for one spin is calculated by
(e/h) x sum of 'T(E)x(Fermi function at source(E)-Fermi function at drain(E)) x dE'

So, the current in *.current file is calculated from the above equation (using the transmission probability number in *.tran file) at 300K?
if not, could you explain how the current is calculated?

Thank you.
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Re: Current in *.current file from NEGF ( No.1 )
Date: 2014/02/07 15:35
Name: T. Ozaki


The current is calculated by Eq. (53) in the paper:

Thus, one can easily decompose the total current into the k-resolved ones.
Also, the electronic temperature used there can be specified in the input file.



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