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makefile for sr16k machine in tokyo
Date: 2013/10/17 18:42
Name: Vikas Sharma   <>

Dear forum members,
I am starting to use openmx on sr16k machine (yayoi) in tokyo university.

In case if any one has the makefile for this machine, kindly share it with me. It could save my time.

Thanks in advance
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Re: makefile for sr16k machine in tokyo ( No.1 )
Date: 2013/10/23 18:00
Name: T. Ohwaki

Dear Dr. Sharma,

You can refer to some basic information on compiration of OpenMX in SR16000 in this Forum

Title: Tips on Compilation of OpenMX in POWER7 machines
Date: 2012/07/05 15:50

Please check the above article and be successful.

Best wishes,

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