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install openmx 3.7 on debian wheezy
Date: 2013/06/23 22:19
Name: H T W

Can anybody body who succeeded in installing openmx 3.7 on debian write down the installation method? it is must be very usefully to the fresh hands.
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Re: install openmx 3.7 on debian wheezy ( No.1 )
Date: 2013/06/25 14:28
Name: T.V.T. Duy  <>


As OpenMX v3.7 has been tested on general-purpose Linux clusters, I suppose it should work with your system. In order to compile OpenMX v3.7, you must specify CC, FC, and LIB according to your system's settings. Please first try the installation by following some examples given in the manual.

When you encounter some problem/error during the installation process, please post the specific error messages so that we can suggest some workaround.

Hope this helps. Thank you.

T.V.T. Duy

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