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Installation - undefined reference
Date: 2006/06/27 11:11
Name: Jan   <>

Dear all:

I am trying to install Openmx3.0 (Pentium 4) with:

CC = gcc -O3 -Dnompi -I/usr/local/include
LIB = -L/usr/local/lib -llapack -lblas -lg2c -lI77 -lF77 -lfftw3 -static

and I am getting these messages:

/home/gryko/openmx3.0/source/TRAN_Calc_CentGreenLesser.c:118: undefined reference to `zgemm_'
TRAN_Calc_GC_LorR.o: In function `TRAN_Calc_GC_LorR':/home/gryko/openmx3.0/source/TRAN_Calc_GC_LorR.c:137: undefined reference to `zgemm_'
:/home/gryko/openmx3.0/source/TRAN_Calc_GC_LorR.c:149: undefined reference to `zgemm_'
TRAN_Calc_SelfEnergy.o: In function `TRAN_Calc_SelfEnergy':/home/gryko/openmx3.0/source/TRAN_Calc_SelfEnergy.c:111: undefined reference to `zgemm_'
TRAN_Calc_SelfEnergy.o:/home/gryko/openmx3.0/source/TRAN_Calc_SelfEnergy.c:119: more undefined references to `zgemm_' follow
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [openmx] Error 1

Any suggestions? Thanks,
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Re: Installation - undefined reference ( No.1 )
Date: 2006/06/27 23:11
Name: Jan  <>

actually, adding -Dbraswrap option solved the problem.

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